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3 Brazilian drinks you should try!

April 16, 2019

3 Brazilian drinks you should try!

Brazil is famous for its many wonderful and unique drinks, including rolling around the world, but with a special taste and flavor in Brazil and the only one in Brazil.

If you are in Brazil one day you should try these three drinks

 1- Vitamina

Known as a morning energy drink is a mixture of avocado juice with milk and sugar

3 مشروبات برازيلية يجب عليك تجربتها! 1- مشروب Vitamina

 2- Coconut Water

The famous coconut water, one of the most famous drinks in Brazil, is one of the purest and best drinks you might ever get.

Coconut water is always associated with summer, beaches and recovery.

مشروب Coconut Water

3- Caldo de Cana

Pure sugar cane juice, freshly brought in front of you, the reeds are peeled and placed inside a machine to get out of the refreshing and pure reeds.

 مشروب Caldo de Cana